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Paper Oil Drums

This may seem like along way to go, but once there, you can make all the oil drums you will ever need. Below find a shot from my Winzig Nurburgring layout seen on this forum in March-April of 2010.

I made these oil drums using the paper patterns supplied by the great slot car paper model site,
The site is in German, so navigation can be tricky. After you're in carrera4fun, go to Gebaude & Deko, then to Kleinteile (Smarties), then to Olfasser. (Pardon my lack of umlauts!) The patterns for the oil drums will be found here, at the bottom of the page.

For my oil drums, I started with those shown in the web site, but I dropped in web-found oil company logos for a bit more color. I can't take the time to describe how you would do that, but if you have access to someone under thirty years old, they can show you the way.

Good luck,

Thumb Dog
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