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yes this will be entertaining !!!

i love that base - like some free form from the '60s or '70s

i keep seeing it as a loose play on an asteroid in space with a moonscape track on it -

why, i don't know but i wish i had a base like that to have fun with

good show - thanks for posting and look forward to seeing what will come

great incentive for me to move forward with some of the sci fi entourage i have been collecting in 1/32
has just given me a slew of new ideas too

the possibilities really are 'open' aren't they - so a great concept and theme

regards, , Ron

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indeed bob - i like that idea too!

great stuff guys - haven't been following as closely of late as i am trying to wrap up
a few projects of my own - as i am sure many of you are aware from my posts and
blog - my stuff is all over the map in theme etc etc - but all things 1/32

currently converting a toy brachiosaurus with a 4" neck extension to bring him to the right scale !!!
why ... not sure yet ... but i like him ... he could appear in a lost world on some other planet i suppose ...
or an alternate universive where '50s / '60s cars coincided with domesticated dinos ...

by the way pegasus models, along with their great flying saucers, offers a 1/35 v5 rocket that i
have done some tinkering with for space ships in 1/32, and they also do another few spaceships
that you can monkey with scale on -

great stuff here - thanks for posting

cheers, Ron
1 - 3 of 652 Posts
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