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One in progress

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Just for a change I thought I would show you a "work in progress".

I like several others on this Forum bought some resin bodies of 50's Classic Sports Racers from American Company Resilient Resins. I also wanted to try one of EJ Hobby's Retro Brass Chassis, so this seemed a good idea to combine the two items together.

Work on this Ferrari 250 so far involves building the chassis, (real nut & bolt job), making some body mounting posts and roughly preparing the body.

The results to date are shown below :-

The body is supplied with a lexan windscheield, but there are no dashboard details, steering wheel, driver figure or the all important (for this particular car) exhaust system. I do think Resilient need to include these items on future releases.
The resin is fairly thin in places and the body needs a fair degree of finishing to get a decent shape. It does however, appear to be fairly accurate, much better for instance than the same car offered by Ninco.

The wheels and tyres used are Pink Kar Ferrari GTO ones, and I must admit my first impressions of the tyres were , what rubbish, throw them away!, but I then tried the rolling chassis on my test track, (slippy ole' Scalex Sport), and the grip levels were very good, better than Ninco Classics !, remember we are talking non-mag here, so I may well keep them. I just wonder if the extra grip on Sport Track is generated from the heavy ribbed pattern on the Pink Kar tyres....Interesting.

The chassis is a work of art, (if you love retro chassis), and is really a copy of the original Strombecker one. The chassis is supplied with a couple of alternate motor mounts and 1/8th oilites. Keeping the American theme, I fitted some 3/32nd oiites from Professor Motor and a TSRF Guide system. The chassis was given to me by Paul (Revvvs) Reveley,after I expressed an interest in these chassis in an earlier post, thanks Paul I owe you one.
As for the motor......The Dark Prince of the Desert, Mr. R. Sheldon sent me no less than 4 Team Slot motors to try out. If you have not seen these before, they are great brutes of motors, the can being finished in chrome with red Endbell sections, just right for the 50's/60's feel of the car. Axles, Crown wheel and pinion are

I'm not really sure what colour to paint this car yet, as I'm still researching histories of various cars on the web so if anyone has any suggestions, please contact me.


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Saw a dark red Ferrari Testa Rossa at Lime Rock last Monday; it was not the fastest car, but it was a beauty.

Motor you selected is looking healthy. The pedigree is good! The Vintage setup would be axle spacers between hub and bearing on each side, with crown gear having no groove for the motor shaft (it's the only system I know!).

You may find that you get better grip if you stiffen the rear axle carrier so it cannot vibrate relative to the rest of the frame. I fixed a Monogram frame this way, with HO rails running beside the motor all the way to the rear motor mounts, soldered the whole length. Other guys stiffen the frame with tubes from the top of the bearing carriers to the motor mount bracket, making it a space frame at the rear. But I prefer rails soldered to the underside, where the weight is needed. The EJ's chassis is a repro of the Strombecker frame, which was copied from the Monogram frame of 1964, which was inspired by chassis scratch built by the midwestern US club racers of that era, who used heavy brass, not that thin-gauge stuff.

Also, you might want to experiment with a loose body mount. Put a blob of some rubbery glue in each of the screw holes, to damp the vibration of the body on the chassis.

The car is looking good!
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