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Allan Wakefield
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With a difference.

I thought I would share this as we found these cars to be incredible to run - FUN, balanced, reliable and great in handling and speed.

The BIG thing with these is that they are all sitting on the old Scalextric wild 360 chassis.
This allows the cars to spin 360 degrees (hence the name - Duh!
). I found they actually would rather do this when overcooked, than deslot (WILD CHEER)

However these cars are around 15 to 20 years old (OK, OK so I haven't done my homework before posting and am guessing) and braid, tyres and motors were a little the worse for wear.

A little call to Pendles and the tyres and braids are sorted out.
For the motors I went Stateside, to Frank at SCW. His 5 Dollar green tipped motors really take some beating for both price and quality. I can't stress enough how good these motors are, especially when you want many to run together. An added bonus is that they have long shafts at both can and bell end.

I spaced the rims on the rear axles to remove side play on the crown gear and gave each a general tuning (well the first two that are ready anyway).

Racing these is fast paced & fun at 12volt and manic & fun at 14.8volt, requiring alot of concentration.

Scalextric ONLY made two liveries with the wild 360 chassis (Maroon 'Syntron-x' & Silver 'Havolene') so to field more requires buying some standard ones and swapping bodies, which are a direct fit.

Anyway, if you gfet a chance to try one of these in good condition - don't miss out!


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...I have to agree a 100% - these 360ies are fun to race! Similar to the experience I had when I started my slotracing-career with the old Carrera Universal - which also allowed 360ies...

But take care! Extreme high risk of addiction!
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