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One or two?

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Just recieved a Sauber C9. Thought I would at least set it up ready for the In car Pro lights. So headlights, one or two LED's each side? What is the recieved wisdom, one LED caus you can't tell or two to look good. How do you mount them drill out the "glass" completly and just hot melt in the LED? Would the board take the load of 4 LED headlights. Thanks in advance.
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You may well run into problems as Ian (MIH) has specifically stated on his website:

"The InCar-Pro firmware presented here implements one or more patents registered and/or owned by Scalextric and/or Hornby. The firmware provided here is done so free of charge, and may only be implemented on car chips manufactured by Scalextric / Hornby. It is a condition of use and review that this firmware is not used in any commercial manner whatsoever, and that no charge, payment or funds shall be made for the firmware itself. Individuals are permitted to charge only for their effort in loading of the firmware provided here onto original Scalextric chips".
Cool ..... Slot.It chips have the Scalextric firmware on them and I know Ian was quite adamant about the use if his firmware.

If you are adding your own LEDS, I would suggest that you have at least one resistor for the front and one for the rear, 470ohm ones should do the trick.
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