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only a little scenery! only :-)

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Hi everybody,

i´m back from sweet summer nothing doing

nothing new with my projects, track and cars.

So i decided to create a little presentation scenery.

Here are the first pics.

Hope you will enjoy the result

Only one word,-

that wouldn´t be a normal one
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One word,

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Hi FrankT, one word!?: Thosestupidgermanswiththeirdramaticsenseforscenery
. Not done much yet, but even looking great even in this early stage. Looking happy forward to see more. Justanotherstupidgermanwithdramaticsenseforscenery. Regards Jens (Kellerkind)
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Belgium. Sorry, it's the only word i could think of.

Looks realy intriguing, BTW.
QUOTE (Datto @ 16 Nov 2010, 10:11) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Belgium. Sorry, it's the only word i could think of.
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The word must be...


Thank you Frank. I sent you a PM with my address
No Idea???


This will be something special, not sure that the cars will be the middle of the scenery.

But here´s a little update.

The streetsurface is nearly finished, now i can start painting and weathering. Fence and "some" more detzails will follow soon

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This looks like it's gonna be very good

I love small diaramas and wish I had the time to make some.
Looking forward to seeing more Frank, great work so far,
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Goood mooorning slotfans,

i´ve started to paint the scenery. The colums are nearly finished, only weathering and a little bit green on some points as moos. The fence itself is in work and will follow in the next update.
The cubblestone surface got the first two colors, a little green and brown as weathering follows. The rest of the street will be painted in a light anthrazit.

so it looks today.

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