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OOPS on the Toyota for digital

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You goofed.
You forgot the hole in the chassis for the LED of a SSD or O2 chip to show through for lane changing and lap counting.

I didn't even think to check for the hole, because every other car has one, even classics where chips don't exist for their chassis yet. I installed the chip and set up the car like my other magless cars, but it would not change lanes or count laps. I thought the LED was bad, but when I looked at the underside of the car to look at the LED, the hole was not there!

Now I will have to uninstall the chip in order to safely drill/melt a hole in the right place. I'm upset because this is additional work that should have never been needed. I'm very disappointed that this has happened.

Similarly, I had to slightly melt the bottom of the interior tray because it was fouling on the large can capacitor (or whatever) on the chip. This is just as annoying, since these chips have been designed and made for years, yet the interiors are still getting hung up on parts of the chip. The brace for the interior at the front of the cockpit is literally at the exact point to be a problem for digital chip installations. If it were moved over 1/4" it would not have been a problem at all.

These oversights are disappointing, but not something that analog racers will ever notice. What's especially perplexing is that this has happened, even though you are pushing out a whole new digital system that still requires the LED hole, and an interior that is not going to interfere with electronics on the chassis.

Please look into and fix these issues as soon as possible so that future digital users do not suffer.


PS. this is a public posting so that other SSD users will know to make a hole BEFORE they install the chip and try to run the car.
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I know - we should have been more proactive.
The hole in the Toyota - we completely forgot, and as well a little more attention to digital in cockpit design would have helped.
But hopefully this is not going to happen anymore and anyway, we have good news:
as a fallout from O2 design, finally the 'small' SSD chip is going to happen! All info has been sent out for manufacturing already. Shape is the same (slightly smaller) of O2 'small' chip.

No, the hole has got nothing to do with lap counting. LED is used for changing lanes only

1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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