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Open GT/Porsche 997

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So hey, we ran our first class of the year and we were down 2 members and up one member. A very big welcome to MYST who joined us for a good night of racing

Okay, we raced 40 laps and it was a pretty close affair. Everyone had good races in every lane, except for the darn yellow lane where most of us had a couple of "offs". A couple of people raced a bit under the radar, like Alan and Clive and a couple of people were chasing each other down the lanes. One would think they were only Mosler's at the start, but as far as I can remember it was only Sebastian and myself who raced with those. Sandra was having a bad time with blue lane as she seemed to come out of the lane just after the finishing straight started. She either skidded through the start light beside the lane or hopped out and in lane again. Very annoying since she had to wait until she was around the bend to go down the straight full throttle. Alan fought with yellow the most and funnily enough it was always at the same stage where his car decided to hop out and have a break. Clive is getting to grip with the track very fast, but unfortunately he was disadvantaged as he had no own controller and was relying on us providing one. Clive at least you had the opportunity to race with 4 different controllers that night.

His car did well and I felt with a consistent controller he would have been a contender for the front places.

Sebastian did well again and bagged the fastest lap time of the evening, but consistency was missing. He lost valuable seconds when de-slotting and was unfortunate when after a de slot his car needed braid adjustment or similiar ( I was racing and couldn't quite see) which resulted in his car being delayed in getting back in the slot. Also a few too many de slots cost him valuable seconds. A very loud "Sebastian" sounded through the hall when his car decided to spear head Sandra out of the slot, which cost her a lot of time as they were both off and the poor marshal had to deal with both car at once.

With all the happenings MYST raced quietly along VERY concentrated so that even his whole body went with the bends he raced. Very few "offs" and cat like purring, well prepared car earned him the first place of the night !!!! Well done!!!

Here the results!! Downloadable results on web page...

Colorfulness Rectangle Slope Font Parallel


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And another superb race night we had, below results.

Open GT

Colorfulness Slope Rectangle Parallel Font

Porsche 997

Colorfulness Slope Rectangle Parallel Font

And the table for Open GT after 2 races reads as follows

Font Handwriting Rectangle Number


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Open GT Round 3

Rectangle Font Temperature Triangle Parallel

Sandra DNF this class as the Mosler fell apart...


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