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Open GT shakedown sessions

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After we had a traumatic adventure with software issues last time, we hoped that tweaking it again last night would solve the issues. Pah, we thought wrongly! The PC gurus had a hard time until finally we could get a proper race set up. Even though there were a couple of heats we had to repeat, we managed to have our first proper race since we finished the track !!

What race it was too ! Some weird and wonderful specimens entered the race. There was the plain white kit which was greyish from all the handling with grubby fingers obtained from the countless weekly pre race burgers..
, the yellow rattle box which sounded like a snake racing along the track and another white kit with felt pen livery. Then there was a 911 GT1 with red/white stripes on the roof and beer advertisement and 2 identical Moslers . A gulf livery classic GT turned up on the start line, but this car did not want to race really, because it decided to run backwards during the race and therewith disappeared quickly in the pit box ! It probably has got a wood allergy!

It was an interesting race night and everybody had fun ( so it seemed).

The 2 Moslers ran by Chris aka Steady Eddy and Sandra aka Penelope Pit Stop won first and second place. Despite the advantage of less weight due to the lack of paint, the other cars weren't fast enough to beat the identical twins .

Results to follow here shortly.

There is no racing next week due to Easter, but we will see you all again in two weeks time.
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You forgot to mention that the GT1 was quietly retired after just one race and replaced by a Group C Malardeau BP Lancia which actually won a race against the mighty NSR Moslers :)

A big mention to Chris Wakeham who had a brilliant drive all evening and has taken his first top step on the podium. Yes, it was a shakedown, but believe me, we were all trying hard! Chris is an "old school" slot racer from the 60's and has lost none of his skill and he also has probably the coolest driving style ever.
It was only a bit of fun...........until you had a car on the track and a throttle in your hand, then it got REALLY serious. Great to finally race your new track and lots of great dicing for me with Rick and Tom. So much fun. The other three guys looked like they were also having a great time of it - the Mosler's looked smooth and very quick, but Mike's Lancia really was entertaining on the home straight in blue - flat out and shaking it's tail all the way. Great to watch, and from the shouts and laughter from the podium, great fun for those three driving too.

I've had some great races and really enjoy going up against Chris since he came back to slots - I was genuinely astounded that last night was his first outright win since returning to slots. Congratulations Chris, a great evening's driving from you in a very well sorted car.

And let's have a look at the old scoreboard..........

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After our Easter Monday break, we are back with another shakedown session on Monday 24th. April, see you there!
~ I Was There! ~​
~ Enjoyed Whacking my NSR Mosler *Crayola Special* around the wood too ~​
~ My *Crayola* was Fast, but i must treat its tyres a bit more ~​
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Nice shots there Rick
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