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Open GT

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Yesterday was open GT and what a race it was!

6 racers where on the grid. Initially very uneventful it turned out to be very exciting. Whereas the first couple of heats were very close and only a few off's where registered the next heat was a disaster for Michael and Alan. Michael suddenly had a hole in his tyre while at the same time Alan's car gave up the ghost completely. The only person cruising along in this race was Sebastian in blue lane. Cars however were quickly exchanged and racing commenced. We allowed a change in cars since out of 6 racers 2 would have been out off the race immediately.

Mike drove a very quiet race which was completely unspectacular until the end when in the last heat his tyre was grinding at the gears so it seemed. Funny noises came from his car and everybody was watching closely. A few off's were the consequences due to loss of grip. A close inspection post race showed a very nice ground off tyre. Luckily Mike's mishap occurred only in the few last laps so that of course he was slightly slower at the end but he was able to complete the race. Clive improved massively and showed some very consistent racing which deserved him his place. Sebastian also showed and improvement in his consistency which makes him a serious contender in the future Open GT races.He earned a second place behind Sandra by a margin and we mean a margin. Alan and Michael where unfortunate with their cars and the leader board could have looked differently if they didn't have the car failures. We enjoyed another great night of racing and decided also on the classes of next year which will be put on this forum in due time as well as on our website. See you all in two weeks for our club cars Ninco V8 class.

Here the results:

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View attachment Open GT LR-2018-11-12T19.45.44.xlsx

Apologies for the picture, we are still sorting our time display in race coordinator


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