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OK - I race a Wellingborough which is an MDF routed track with sandtex textrued paint finish. Just intro a new class which is open top LMP with in-line Mabuchi spec motor and standard 9/27 gearing. The only car that is out is the carrera audi (not sure why but the carrera panoz dominates the front engined LMP race so I presume they want a more diverse field).

Anyway these are the choices unless anyone can think of others that would be potentialy competative. Opinions on what would offer best performance for a routed track.

Scalextric - Lister, Lola, Caddy
Ninco - BMW
SCX - Audi, Dome, 333P
Spirit - Lola, Reynard
Fly - Lola (not the moterolla version as it has a 'racing' motor in it)

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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