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Marc Abbott
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Just a reminder to you all. Our first night at Nascot Wood (WATFORD) is this week, 17th February.

Doors open at 7:00pm and practice hopefully from 7:30pm

The address is:

Nascot Wood Slot Car Club
(Nascot Wood School)
Nascot Wood Road,
Watford, Herts.
WD17 4YS

NOTE: The address is also listed as having a post code of WD17 4YT, but some SAT NAVs get directed into a block of flats about 100 metres away.

Hope to see you all there for Ninco Japanese GT
Ninco Japanese GT - Ninco Lexus/Honda NSX/Nissan/Supra angle winders. Tyres optional (no silcons). Weight allowed.
Upgraded running gear permitted. Any Ninco motor to a maximum rev limit of 25K.

When you get to the gate, drive up to the barrier and wait for it to lift automatically. DO NOT tail gate someone else through; a milk float was wiped out a short while back

The car park is immediately on the left.

Hope to see many of you there!


Marc Abbott
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Our first night at Nascot Wood went well and there were no hitches.

Nice refurbished hall, bright lighting, clean kitchen and secure car park and all in a nice area.

Thanks to all that came along.

Next week - RALLY


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The new location for the ex Burnt Oak Club now Nacot Wood could not have been more different if it tried.

No Police sirens or police visits, no loud music from car stereos, plenty of room in the hall, loads of room to park. (i did not even lock my car doors once near the venue like the old place

A big thanks to Abbo for finding the place.

I think that an extension on the main straight should be on the agenda for the future. There is enough room to move further along the length of the hall. There is plenty of room around the track at the sides which would be good to keep.

For all of you club members that read on here thanks for making Beth welcome, i know that running her car with a magnet in put a few off down the esses as she zipped along.

I must admit it felt like going to a new club, hold on it was a new club

The track seemed different which may be down to the lighting etc.

As for the last heat, i kept up with the top dogs for half the race then went off all on my own accord

All in all the best night so far this year and i look forward to the rest of it

Thanks again to Marc and the comittee for all their efforts.

Next week rally ....................... Latvian or otherwise

As to lightning Mcqueen then maybe he will get a slot it make over as he was next to useless even with the magnet

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