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OT Let's compete!

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Inte and I were having a talk... We've done this before you know!

Anywho.... we know that many of you also have Gran Turismo 3 ASpec for the Sony Playstation 2 console and we would like a "proxy event" of sorts using that game.

Last time we took unmodified Subaru Impreza rally cars and ran for best lap time around Laguna Seca.

Here are the details for this go...

You pick any car from the game and modify it in any manner that you wish. Unlimited HP, tire choice, aero effects etc...

Two different events in the "Test" section are the 400m and 1000m straight line tests. Fastest times on either will win bragging rights. No prizes to offer unless one of you giving chaps feel like offering....

Any takers? Better hurry because Inte is practicing as we speak!!

Oh yeah... if your time seems "impossible" you may be asked to prove your time via digital pic of your television screen.
No one would cheat would they?
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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