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Hi,i thought i would post a few more slot car figures which are sort of rare. 1st ho Marusan figures MIB. These hardly ever come up for sale. Heres a photo of them with a VW Karmann Ghia type 34 & Jag XKE. By the way notice they are copies of 1/32nd scale scalextric figures !
2nd 1/40th scale MIB Corgi figures made for Playcraft sets or Jouef if you prefer. While the figures are not too hard to find,the figures still in the box attached to the trees are.

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Brilliant Bernard! Boxed!!
Just to fill in a few gaps re the Corgi figures you have.
Yours are part of the Corgi Silverstone Series of kits & figures. They were 1/43 scale.
The buildings & figures were made in the Swansea factory between 1963 & 1968. Your press figures are from this time period.
They were initially ( & primarily) sold in conjunction with their die-cast Corgi cars, but were also advertised heavily in the Champion Motor Racing slot car catalogues between 1964 & 1968. Jouef had nothing to do with the manufacture or marketing of the Silverstone Series kits & figures. This was initially done by Playcraft Toys, then after 1966 Mettoy Playcraft (Sales)Ltd.
Unfortunately production ceased of all kits in 1968 due to a factory fire.
However, some moulds for the figures were saved & production re-commenced for a few years in Hong-Kong. These are identifiable by their bubble wrap packaging.

Corgi also made other types of building kits & figures, eg. street lights, motels, petrol stations, circus ect.
All kits are very rare & expensive now. Most sought after is the Corgi Siverstone Box Set & Play Mat. MIB they can fetch £2000!


Corgi Silverstone kit. Timekeeper box. Corgi Silverstone figures. Press & spectators. Also notice the Corgi kit telephone boxes.

Corgi Silverstone kits. Pits with press boxes on top. Corgi Siverstone mechanics. Corgi garage figures.

Corgi Siverstone kits. Box artwork.

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