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Following a bit of a prompt from Scott on the NNRC thread I've started another thread. Its just to cover my scratch building projects although anybody else is welcome to join in of course.


At the moment I have a Ford F3L P68 on the go and have just received through the post an Airfix E Type Jaguar and VW Beetle. The Jag is going to be turned in the Bob Tullius Group 44 version. I know Top Slot produce this but I fancy the challenge. The Beetle is going to be turned into a Uniroyal Fun Cup Endurance racer which are based on a modified Beetle bodyshell but sitting on a single seater racing chassis. Look them up on is you want to know more.

I intend to use the Scalextric Sport Tuning range which is why I wanted to see how zxr400er's Ferrari 156 went with the little F1 motor in it. The Airfix Beetle is smaller than I imagined it would be so I think the F1 motor will be quite suitable.

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Thanks Nick. I am delighted with the result. I have now perfomed a bit of surgery on it, which I hoped would make it more competetive. The aims were to lower the centre of gravity, improve the handling, and lower the gear ratio to improve acceleration and braking.

Using nothing more than a sharp Stanley knife, I removed the magnet mounting area, and a bit more, from the chassis (I never run with manets). I then extended the motor mounting holes downwards, again using the Stanley knife. The method here is not to cut, but to shave bits of plastic away using a scraping motion. I kept doing this a little at a time, checking regularly by inserting the motor, until the underside of the motor sat flush with the chassis, then a Slot-it 9 tooth sidewinder pinion was fitted and the motor was glued in using Araldite Rapid. Finally, I fitted a Ninco Prorace sprung guide, which, being darker in colour than the standard Ninco sprung guide, has no problem recording laps and making lane changes on SSD tracks (Scalextric recommend black guides only). Here are a couple of pictures of the result:

Initial tests on my Scalextric Digital layout showed a huge performance boost over the standard car. The previous fastest lap for a March 83G was 9.2 seconds, but the modified car recorded an astonishing 8.5 seconds, equalling the times set by my Ortmann-shod Slot-it Porsches!

I can't wait to try it at Manor Farm!

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I have just heard the news! At last I can justify my subscription to Sky. They are to broadcast coverage of all 38 NASCAR Sprint races this year, and IRL will again be covered in full.
Bernie and Max can go boil their heads!
Nick, I have misjudged you. I thought Proxy Racing was boring, but then I saw this.
You old Devil, you!

QUOTE (Edo @ 23 Feb 2008, 09:13) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

Indeed gentlemen
you might consider that time flies and also that since we need all the cars by Thursday, March the 27th you should be sending them by no later than Thursday, March the 20th!
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I recently purchased, at a bargain price, the SCX Vintage McLaren M9A. This is the car I mean:

The problem with this car is it doesn't fit the requirements (pre 1968) for my favourite series, the Goodwood Theme nights at Alresford.
My solution - modify it, so that it looks like a 1966 McLaren M2B! That's the one with the modified Indy Ford V8 engine, not the Serenissima.

Firstly, I removed the rear wing, and cut off the font winglets. Then in order to make the engine look more like the Indy Ford V8 I removed the air intakes and exhausts, and swapped them around so the exhausts exited from the top of the engine, rather than the sides. I found a couple of chrome cylinder head tops and a better driver's head in my junk box, which finished it off nicely.

Here are some pictures of the result:

OK, it isn't the most accurate model, but it looks a lot more like a McLaren M2B than the original looked like an M9A!

Now all it needs is painting the correct colour. Any volunteers?
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It should be white with a dark green stripe, splaying out around the nose, Brabham style.
Thank you, Nick. The helmet colour should be silver. Overalls are pale blue.
Here's another little project of mine, my Lotus 30.

The body is an old Supershells, to which I have successfully fitted the chassis and wheels from a Revell/Monogram King Cobra. It was a simple matter to drill two holes in the chassis in line with the mounting points on the body. I added the front mounting point myself.
The detail parts are from various sources. The interior is robbed from the donor King Cobra, the driver figure is from a Scalextric Cooper T53, the air intake grill is the radiator grill from a Scalextric Porsche GT3, and the roll hoop and steering wheel were made from coloured paper clips! The whole lot is temporarily held in place with blu-tak until I get round to painting it.
This will the first slot car I have painted myself, so I am waiting until I can talk to an experienced modeller before I start.
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Here is my Lotus 30 now, painted and waiting for decals. OK, it's not the best paint job in the world, but bear in mind it is my first attempt.

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