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I didn't visit every hall - I just did not have the time in 3 day to do so. I was mainly reporting on slotcars and trains, but I do appreciate some nice RC planes and a few cars. A hobby away from the hobby you could say.

Here are some photos of the -17°C conditions at the Fairground. Fresh and crisp you could say.

This RAZZOR is their latest offering for the year in their super Depron range of planes.

A nice Mercedes-Benz W 25. One of the full sized cars on display. Carrera had a Audi R18, there was a Ferrari on the Hotwheels stand and an Aston Martin on the Jamara stand. This W 25 was on the Schuco stand.

A Corgi plane on the Hornby stand caught my eye: Short Stirling MkI, N6086, LS-F, 'MacRoberts Reply', 15 Sqn, RAF Wyton, October 1941.

Tamiya is a favourite of mine, I have a few of their 1/10 scale RC cars.

Another car for the collection of Maurizio Ferrari:

Some RC planes that caught my eye from various manufacturers:


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Thank you for sharing pictures of Tamiya cars Doug, and for the super coverage of the Toy Fair, really appreciated.

The Bruiser 3-Speed will make many fans happy this year. Just out of curiosity, I had a look for the anticipated price, knowing it would be expensive, I didn't think it would be £750.00!

I have passed on some of Tamiya's re-releases of late, namely the Scorcher, Avante and now the Bruiser, since the cost for these models is to be expected, expensive. I just know I would never actually run them for fear of damage and justifing the outlay. Awesome models though and I think it is brilliant that Tamiya are reproducing their classic models. I live in hope that Tamiya re-release the Monster Beetle.

I have to admit that I am tempted to get Willy's VW Camper to go with his Jeep.

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