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Martin Kay
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Hi all

Just popping in to say that over Christmas we just finished building a new digital Scalextric track for use by visitors to our guest house... and me... and the kids... and probably some of the neighbours too... you can see a track plan at my Digital Slot Car site, and in the context of a guest facility, at our accommodation site. The Digital Slot Car site is something I set up a few months ago to try and pull together some information on the different brands available, for digital slot car beginners, and also some information on track design and racecraft.

The track is a fairly permanent fixture with trackside accessories and scenery. So far the only problem we have had is the original powerbase stopped working completely and had to be replaced, and one of the wires came off a Boxster and needed soldering, otherwise all the LC sections work fine (we have 6) and we have given the system a good shakedown with the two Boxsters and two Audis. Have not yet tried it with 6 cars but we are looking forward to getting the digital chips into some of our existing cars and getting them back on track.

The biggest issue we have had is trying to keep track of who is winning the race. A lot of the crashes we have had have been the result of people taking their eye off the road to check the position of a competitor's car as it crosses the finish line by looking at the digital readout on the powerbase (it's easy to check your own as you will be looking at the powerbase as your car passes, but if you want to see who's second, third, etc. and how far ahead they are, you can only see this information when the other cars cross the line). So hopefully some kind of scoreboard that plugs in to the RJ45 socket on the powerbase will soon be available.

The best bit about the digital system is the psychological aspect of being able to pressurise your opponent from behind, worrying the pants off them and forcing them into an error, or alternatively, finding out where you are quicker than them, making your overtaking move a few laps from the end and watching them try to catch up! We have had some really good 4-car races, with lots of jostling for position - even Grandma had a go, acting as "mobile chicane" - and with 6 cars it should be even better.

Also on the Digital Slot Car site is some information about how we are dealing with backmarkers, and crashed cars / blocked tracks when there is no track marshal available. Anyone with information relevant to the Carrera and SCX systems for beginners, let me know, I'd be happy to put it up on the site.

All the best

Soren Winkler Rasmussen
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Hi Martin

Great site and interresting articles on digital racing.

It's nice to hear that you're having great fun with digital racing.
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