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Hi Slotcar

I'm a photographer, to me looks more moved than out of focus. I know what you mean.

There are different techniques that you can use to capture movement or at least the idea of movement in a picture.

If you have an slr camera with a zoom lens, almost any zoom, doesn't need to be a tele one, you can take a picture of still cars at a low speed shutter, and at the same time move the zoom ring of the lens, depending if you are zooming in or out, would give idea of high speed movement.

Other technique, this time with the cars running, would be panning, where you set your camera on a tripod, and again with a slow speed shutter, at the same time you shoot you move the camera on the tripod following the cars direction, the result should be a fairly good detail on the cars with the rest of the image in complete don't need to run the cars very fast...I would say the lowest possible speed, so would be more easy to coordinate the panning movement. This one could look very cool with cars with lights.



will try to post some slot cars pictures examples.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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