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Outback Adventure

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Hi all that may be interested.

Had this space under my existing Carrera digital track (The Roller Coaster) and thought instead of filling it with storage boxed and alike I would put it to a more practical use.
The odd shape is due to a disused fireplace (now you push a button and the aircon does the rest) - was thinking of removing it but remembered that it served two purposes 1. Fireplace 2. Support for the room above - so it stays.
The space is made up of 3 section - from left to right (width first) 1.2M X 1M, 1.2M X .45M and .90M X 1M.

I have two 4 wheel drive cars, a Humber and a Pajero so thought I would like a nice outback run with lots of hilly bits and obstacles.

Found a SCX off-road raid track up for auction so I put a bid in and won, at a very cheap price (included another Pajero and a VW Touareg) so I got building a frame from 50mm square pine (found it in the garage) and then bought some 9mm MDF and some wheels and a track is born, now called "Outback Adventure".

Need 4 additional R2 curves to complete the track and they should arrive this week.

Probably wont do much for a few weeks yet as I want to run it for a while and make any configuration adjustment before I start the landscaping.

As I have a mismatch of track I wanted to paint it all the one colour - would appreciate your input on track preparation and type of paint to use.

Cheers from AUS
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1 - 1 of 48 Posts
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