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Outback Adventure

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Hi all that may be interested.

Had this space under my existing Carrera digital track (The Roller Coaster) and thought instead of filling it with storage boxed and alike I would put it to a more practical use.
The odd shape is due to a disused fireplace (now you push a button and the aircon does the rest) - was thinking of removing it but remembered that it served two purposes 1. Fireplace 2. Support for the room above - so it stays.
The space is made up of 3 section - from left to right (width first) 1.2M X 1M, 1.2M X .45M and .90M X 1M.

I have two 4 wheel drive cars, a Humber and a Pajero so thought I would like a nice outback run with lots of hilly bits and obstacles.

Found a SCX off-road raid track up for auction so I put a bid in and won, at a very cheap price (included another Pajero and a VW Touareg) so I got building a frame from 50mm square pine (found it in the garage) and then bought some 9mm MDF and some wheels and a track is born, now called "Outback Adventure".

Need 4 additional R2 curves to complete the track and they should arrive this week.

Probably wont do much for a few weeks yet as I want to run it for a while and make any configuration adjustment before I start the landscaping.

As I have a mismatch of track I wanted to paint it all the one colour - would appreciate your input on track preparation and type of paint to use.

Cheers from AUS
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Seems like you're having fun Scoot. Good start. The piece of track that splits around a hole, looks like a good place for a big anthill/termite mound.

Could be - but also could be murky water with the creature from the black lagoon poking his head out.

Now I'm getting a little carried away.

I am guessing to didn't spot "The Gap" (no Ghan) and the making of the Todd river - right hand end of the track?

Merry Christmas to one and all.

Playtime continues

Funny how as you progress through a project things change.

My original idea was to make a 4X4 track that resembles true outback Australia - Red dust! but found that the fantasy approach suited the track better than real life.

Note the reds and oranges do not come up true to colour (must be the flash)

Cheers from AUS
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By any chance is there now a bare spot on your front lawn?
(just kidding)

Looks good,I know what you mean about things changing,I've already done some remodeling on mine!
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Scoot, the lawn needs mowing.

Ok. Gotta ask, what is it? Colour and length looks really good.

is that a fire place at the very back ? still i guess you will not need it too often in aus
Excellent. I really want to know how that rally course drives. Any chance of a video?
Thanks for the comments.

Zook - yep the front lawn now has a bare patch! hehe.

Frank T - Thanks - that's the colour I was after - although I have maybe 20 photos of the Rock and the colour is different in every one - Amazing place!

Embs - I hate shopping except for my favourite store Bunnings.
I was wondering and came across the fake plastic grass area and spotted this long grass with a touch of brown - that's what it is Plastic grass but looks the part.
Had a thought - need to find a 1/32 victor lawnmower and a guy to push it!

PS1600 - The fireplace hasn't been used in years (put in Air Con) but I can't remove it as it supports the room above.

emigre - Thanks - will try and get a video up soon - BTW my movies will be nothing like your great works.

Cheers all
Now back to play
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More play on the Outback Adventure track.

Nothing on the landscape side as I have been waiting for my new Carrera Control Unit and Pit Lane Adapter which has now arrived.

My aim was to convert the SCX Raid track to Carrera Digital mostly because all my cars are digital chipped (including my Hummer and Pajero) but also I wanted to use my wireless controllers and Bruce's (b.yingling) great RMS software. This will allow me to simply unplug 3 wires from the Carrera track and plug into the SCX track so I can pull it out from under and play 4X4 with the above benefits.

The redundant Black Box and Lap Counter now wired to the SCX track.

The Wiring for the Lap Counter.

As the Carrera track is wider than the SCX track I had to use one of the water feature track pieces as the Start/Finish line.

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And so it continues.

Not had a lot of time to play but built a new rock formation.

Put up some MDF and filled up with the bits of Styrofoam and packing that's been laying around.

Then got the can of expanding foam out and did some filling.

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Another, rather different, view

Another angle

Oh how this stuff grows (Expanding foam not the grass)

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Yup. Even when you think it has finished expanding it seems determined to give it another burst.

Still can't get over how good that faux grass looks. Even down to the dead thatch.

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So Embs might we see some of this plastic grass in your next project?

Anything is a possibility. But first I'd have to find a source of it. Really though, if I were doing a dedicated raceway or a commercial track I'd definitely be considering it.
As I said before I got the stuff from Bunnings - Maybe you can have a look on next trip to the big city.

I was thinking you could use it in the vacant block of land behind your wonderful garage? - a bit poking through your wonderful paling fence?

Looking great and that grass is brilliant. Perhaps a tad bright and shiny but it could easily be dulled down with a different shade of green and a matt spray.

And that spray foam is a monster isn't it. It really doesn't know when to stop. It is the terminator of scenic supplies.
Ok Video done

Let's hope this works


Nope -- how do i get the You Tube inserted ???

Try Again

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