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outdoor tracks

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im going to keep this simple,
can a routed digital track be permently stored & used out door, would i need a coating on the rails to keep the water out?
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By "outdoor," do you mean completely outdoors, uncovered? Or will the track be housed in a covered space outdoors, but open to the air?

In the first case, you'd need to ensure that all of your electrics and the track were completely sealed and watertight. If the latter, you can use tinned copper braid for the rails, and just make sure that the lane changers are coated with a water-displacing compound like WD-40 or Lanoguard, or similar. If you are using MDF for your routed track, be sure to paint (seal) the underside, sides, and slots, as well as the "gains" for the braid. My track is outdoors on a covered veranda, and I've never had problems with conductivity.;whichpage=6
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