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Outing for a Duck

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I thought I'd start a thread detailing (in as much as I can) the build of my first, but definitely not my last, thingie.

I considered building a thingie way back in October 2008 when the idea for a 2009 series was first being put forward. Previously, I had hoped to enter a D1.5 in the 2008 proxy but didn't get my self organised in time, Instead, I avidly followed the series and marvelled at the cars and the talent. I've got to say at this point that you all make it look so easy.

I already had a design in mind, but unfortunately when the Sunchaser rules were finalised, the brass plate chassis I was imagining had to be abandoned. However, whilst the rules outlawed plate chassis, they permitted the use of a modern motor (the Parma 501). This decision made it much easier for me to enter the series, and better still, the hullabaloo surrounding this 'heresy' gave me an idea. I have been a fan (no pun intended) of the BrabhamBT46b since I was a youngster and the word Parma kept reminding me of this car's sponsors. After a few initial scribbles I came up a design that was loosely based upon the Brabham's lines, and as I stretched and thingiefied the body, it developed a distinct bill. Suddenly I had a name for my entry (The Duck Billed Parmalatypus) and I was determined to get it built.

One of the initial sketches for my Sunchaser entry.

The finished car ready to be mailed to Lowrider. (Note: I'm very unhappy with how the paint job turned out. I hope Jarius is averting his eyes, or at least watching from behind the sofa! lol.)

Over the next few days/weeks I hope to fill in the missing 4 months between these two photographs and detail the highs and lows of my first ever chassis build. Where I can I will repeat the advice I got on the way from people on this forum, and list the retailers from whom I sourced the materials, just in case any other rookies might be reading.

Jaak, I might even show how I built my own Vac-former.

Comments, advice and criticism are welcome throughout.


P.S. I would have posted a pic of the Brabham for the sake of completeness, but I am wary of the issue of copyright. If anybody has their own photo of the Fan car I'd be happy if you posted it.
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Hi Al,

It's really good to see the evolution of your Car.



I totally LOVE your car! Your design work and craftsmanship impeccable. Amazing!

(good thing you're not a perfectionist
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Very nice car & innovative design in the chassis AND the body.

This is what's great about this kind of event, you see the individuality expressed in solder, metal and plastic from each participant.

Great stuff!

Hey Al,

I would never have guessed you would get things done this quick and proper, when we spoke through PM last year.

This is a wonderful example of taking the Bull by the horns.
Thanks for sharing the progres on how the Parmalatypus came to live.
I know it takes quite a effort to make the pictures and write the story on the 'how to' and i greatly apreciate your effort in doing this so well.
You created a wonderful machine, if i was you i would be proud of myself

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What a great thread and what a beautiful T (did'nt I say that already?)! Thanks a million, Chief!
Thank you all.

Now on Easter break, next project starts in earnest.

MuraLatypus hey?
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You're the little red Evil Duck
Too lazy to crow for day
You're the little red Evil Duck
Too lazy to crow for day

Keep everything in the farm yard upset in every way

The dogs begin to bark and hounds begin to howl
Watch out strange kind people
Cause Little red Evil Duck is on the prowl

If you see my little red Evil Duck
Pleeeease drive her home
If you see my little red Evil Duck
Pleeeease drive her home

Ain't had no peace in the farm yard

Since my little red Evil Duck's been gone

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Hi Chief!

Wonderful Thread you started here: very detailed info on how to build a scratchbuilt car from ground zero! I have learned a lot just by following the Parmalatypus story, and this info is very precious to me, as I'm just now trying to start a scratch building carreer of my own...

Thank you very much for the step-by-step tutorial you so kindly presented us with!

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Having been away for sometime and only recently returning, I discovered this thread tonight and I also must say that I am very impressed by your whole how-to article and beautiful original thingie produced.

Congratulations, you have truly arrived with a hell of a ride!

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QUOTE (Maximo)Congratulations, you have truly arrived with a hell of a ride!

Indeed, dear Max!

In fact I could'nt resist such a beautiful T and I proceeded to immediately command a copy from our own Chief (am I the Thingie Kingie or am I not?!).

And after what seemed to be eons look what arrived:

SuperCute presentation, innit? And what a build:

Affaire à suivre...
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...and let me make a public apology for the delay. It seems that 4-5 months is going to be the standard sort of time for me to build a Thingie.

Thanks for posting the pics Edo. I do hope you like your Duc'hess. I can't wait to see her in her full racing garb upon your track.

Also, thanks for the kind words BigDog and Max.

Great job chief32s

EDO has another cool slot for his collection

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QUOTE (chief32s)...and let me make a public apology for the delay. It seems that 4-5 months is going to be the standard sort of time for me to build a Thingie.
don't apologize, we have forgiven you.
And anyway you're not the worst offender: I remember, on August the 6th 2006, an undisclosed individual started to build and post here a wonderful T WHICH IS NOT FINISHED YET as of today!

the Duck is now finished after assembling it with a beautiful Mura 44 mag can, with a 55 t of 29AWG arm, made by John Havlicek of SlotBlog fame:

Front and rear wheels are Kai's:

Note the elegance and the amazing taste used in the assembly (none of that ugly modern stuff you used in your Sunchaser car, you hear that Chief?!):

And here whizzing around the track:

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Thattsa' really Nice!

the signature rear wing graphics, is out of this world!
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Very nice pictures E. thanks for posting them. Love the Devil Duckie. I feel immensely proud to see the Duc'hess on your track.

The only photo I have of the Duc'hess is this one that I took when I'd almost finished making it.

Brian, I'm pleased you like the rear wing graphics, I was quite happy with how they turned out also. The Kingie had suggested a Ducati theme, and requested a Ducati red paint job.

I found a supplier of Ducati Rosso Red touch up paint, on ebay here

And while I was looking for graphic ideas for the rear wing, I came across the Ducati flying 'D' logo.

It was a gift, and with a little bit of photoshopstyle magic I managed to turn it into this,

specially for Kingie EDO himself.

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Bloody nice job you did there Al!! thats a heck of a build, the Kingie has been spoiled this time I think..
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Hi Al,

Fantastic Job mate

Great Build.. Design and paint job
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Wonderful build. Truly "fit for a King"! I like the way the motor is showcased and becomes part of the "art" of the whole car.
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