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oval track (routed)

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Hi chaps im looking at starting a slotstox club in southampton can anyone tell me where i can get a track built or at least have the routing done??
im after a 6 lane oval really but would settle for a 4 lane oval!!!!

would also consider a second hand track if there are any about!!!
Your help in this matter would be really appreciated cheers guys!!!
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Talk to Tony (phone number in club info). He built our club track.
Tony has built two or three slotstox tracks already, he may even still have one about, so definitely worth getting in touch with him.

Are you connected to Matchams at all, there's a few of us at this club who are former oval racers.
Cheers Guys will get in touch with Tony!!!

Im not connected to matchams but did race there for 10 years and am now spedeworth registered!!! My old man still races at ringwood in the hot rods
Just realised the land line number is out of date. Ring him on the mobile no.
i am just about to build one for another customer and was looking at putting one back in the shop so we could start a club again as we used to have one here a few years ago, pop up one evening and have a chat, tel 07850187566
ok will do!
can you tell me wot sort of price im lookin at for a track ready to go??
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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