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That's the latest code to remember when asking for Overdrive lights.

Designed specifically to adapt any and ALL non permenant LED lights in slot cars to permenant ones, it also adds protection to the lights and allows for voltages up to 24 Volts so that includes Carrera Exclusive cars. The option to install rear lights is also there. but additional front lights and interior lights will still require one of the full light kit options.
The lights in cars such as the SCX Dome Judd are very bright for the simple reason that they are not regulated but connected direct to the track via a resistor. This lack of protection and exposure to constantly varying and over rate voltages is why so many cars of this ilk can lose their lights after so short a time.

In direct response to a high request rate for a lighting adaptor kit for those cars that come with basic LEDs ( Scalextric/ SCX/Fly etc) the XDS is a 'simple to fit' solution and will leave the shelves for around €10.

You can see that there are just three wires to connect so no messing about with LEDs if you don't want to.

Please note it will NOT work on those older cars using filament bulbs for lights.

They will be available to Dealers from next week - go get some pre orders in
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