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I would just like to take a moment to recommended a product. I have used them before, and just purchased a couple more packets of them.

The seem quite expensive for what they are, part of this is due to the postage being more than the item!

I like the item because of the fit, they fit superbly well with no slop. I have yet to use any other spacers like these, as all the others I have used have had some play or movement in them. They are the perfect fit on 3/32 slot car axles.

The spacers are from Overdrive Slotservice, and they are the 0.5mm type(0DT0405), they do them in thicker sizes too - a 1mm(ODT0410) and 2mm size(ODT0420), I have also used these sizes and again they are superb quality with the same - no slop fit.

At nearly £3 for 10 spacers they are quite expensive, and I'm not sure why the postage is £4.29 for something that will fit in a small envelope, but hey I didn't have to buy them. It pays to buy them with other parts from this seller to get combined postage discount.

I got them from papponni on eBay. As to if they actually give you any performance increase I don't know, but these washers have a smooth finish with no burring on the edges, unlike some other brand washers and they just look and fit the axle right.

If you like quality parts, the best of the best, then these spacers are good choice, my favourite ones I have yet to use.

(I see NSR do a nice range of spacers, I don't know if they fit 3/32 axle though as NSR axles are slightly thinner.)
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