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If this is the 'entries invited' thread (it does not state this in the title!), then please put me down for 4 classes.
1. Ninco Porsche 911...80's.
2.Fly Racing Porsche 911...modified.
3. Avant slot Peugeot 207...modified.
4. Avant slot Renault Alpine...ProStock.
Regards Bill.

Jim Moyes
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Me too, me too!

Classes will be as today and Wolves, unless the MGA is out by then, in which case the Mini will probably be retired.

With a gallantry medal!

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Jenson & I will be at Oxford and using the same cars as at Wye & Wolves.

Classic - SCX Porsche 911
Modern - Ninco Mitsubishi Evo
S1600 - Ninco Clio
Pro-stock - Spirit 205

80's - Ninco 911
Modern - Ninco Mitsubishi Evo
S1600 - Ninco Clio
Modified - NSR Porsche 997

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Thanks to Gareth for starting thread

Those that haven't been to Oxford before the address is The Village Hall, High Street, Ramsden, OX7 3UA
We are situated in rural West Oxfordshire between Witney and Charlbury
Most mobiles will struggle to get a signal and no shops in village. There is a pub though

There is no car park at the venue. Only on the roads in village.
Tea/coffee available on day. If enough people would like bacon butties and light lunch on the day will get someone in to cook for us
Hope to arrive and get kettle on about 8ish

At least 8 tracks on the day, 4 routed 4 Plexi

Any questions please ask


Gareth please ammend title to ENTRIES

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Entry list

Gareth Jex
Bill Charters
Jim Moyes
Lawrence Attrill
Ben Clements
Keith Clements
Phil Field
Dave Capelen
Matt Tucker
Jon Grainger, Proxy
Alan Davies
Phil Barry, tbc
Alan Murrell
Jenson Leggett
Adrian Leggett
John Underwood
Steve Ainscow
Tom Ainscow
Alan Birchmore
Sebastian Birchmore
Simon James
James Noake
Ian Howard
Wayne Goble
Ben Buesnel
Gary Buesnel
Matt Holland
Don Stanley
Chris Greggory
Chris Binley
Luke Tyrrell
Russell P
Steve Kempsonhttp
Peter Emery

(34 +1)
Proxy entries accepted normal rules apply. Cheque with cars please, PM me and will give you my postal address to sent cars to
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