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· Gary Skipp
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DiSCA and DHORC are pleased to announce the Oxigen 3 hours of Sebring to take place on Sunday 31st October, 2021, at the RRLA, Derby, UK.

Green Leisure Indoor games and sports Engineering Recreation

Event Information
The venue is the home of Derby HO Racing club, who have recently expanded their activity to include 1/32 digital racing. Their Sebring layout will be recreated in Ninco, powered by Oxigen, for a 3 hour endurance event for DiSCA GT4 and TC spec cars. Cars will be split into the following categories;

GT4 Pro - Any GT car* from the listed manufacturers, inline motor, using either original chassis or optional 3DP chassis, with tuning parts allowed

GT4 Am - Any GT car* from the listed manufacturers, inline configuration, using only original chassis and original components

Touring Car - Contemporary touring cars from the listed manufacturers, inline motor, original chassis, tuning parts allowed

Only cars from the following manufacturers are allowed;
Hornby Scalextric

* Ford GT will not be accepted in any category.

The Oxigen wireless digital system will require teams to fit a Type C or B2 oxigen in car chip to their cars, and use a Slotit SCP1/2/3 hand controller.

Schedule (approximate)
09:00 Doors open / Free Practice.
10:30 Handout parts are issued
11:00 Qualifying Session. All cars on track.
11:30 Track Closed. Technical Inspection / Lunch
12:30 Warmup
12:35 Green Flag
15:35 Chequered Flag

We are aiming for a more relaxed feel to this meeting and timekeeping will not be so strict as with other DiSCA events. Therefore, timings given are approximations.

Firmware updates will be available in downtime, but please try to arrive with the correct versions. Latest versions will be clarified nearer the race date.

We are placing a soft limit of 9 entries, for teams of two or three drivers. In the case of exceptional demand we may look at expanding the layout to four lanes in order to accommodate a larger grid. Registration must be made online using the Google Form.

Entry fee is £15 per team and must be prepayed in full, using PayPal to [email protected].

We hope to see you trackside for some Floridian style fun!

· Gary Skipp
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Further Information
Our intention is to create a more accessible, less technically demanding endurance race to encourage newcomers and those less familiar with DiSCA racing to come and experience multi-class digital endurance racing.

Full regulations for GT4 and DiSCA TC are available on, but due to the nature of these regulations, which offer flexibility for clubs to tweak based on their individual circumstances and preferences, the following clarifications are offered for this specific event;

  • Traction magnets are not allowed in any category
  • Pinion gears may be from any manufacturer, for any car, providing all ratios remain 3:1.
  • All cars will be subject to 75.0g total / 25.0g body minimum weights
  • GT4 Am cars must use original issue wheels, axels, crown gear, and guide blade.
  • GT4 Pro cars with a 3DP chassis must run a zero offset inline motor pod with tight screws
  • GT4 Pro cars with a lexan cockpit must fit 5.0g ballast to the interior tray
  • Aftermarket wheels used in GT4 Pro must have a 17mm diameter.
  • Policar Subaru Impreza will be accepted in TC class.
  • SCX Seat Leon TCR / Eurocup will be accepted in TC class with minor motor pod modifications to accommodate s-can motor, or alternatively may use a 3DP chassis and compete in GT4 Pro.
  • Aftermarket wheels used in TC must have a 16.5mm diameter
  • It is prohibited to glue rear tyres on any car.
  • It is expected for all cars to run with working headlights. Almost all eligible cars come with lights as standard so it should not be too difficult to connect them.
  • There will be no requirement for ground clearance, but any car deemed to be in contact with the track surface will require remedial action.
  • Spoilers may be removed from any car.
All cars will be issued a hand-out 20,000 rpm s-can motor and control tyre. All cars must use a 3:1 gear ratio, even where tuning parts are permitted. Due to incompatibility of Scalextric sidewinder model wheels, only inline cars will be allowed to race. That being said, sidewinder Scalextric models can be fitted with an IL 3DP chassis, common size wheels, and run in the Pro category if desired. In the case of any queries we will be happy to clarify what is or isn’t allowed.

· Greg Gaub
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I mean... 6 cars on a 54' two lane track is great when the drivers know what they're doing. I could easily see 20 cars on that track... though maybe some chicane or pit lane pieces to add specific re-slotting locations for drivers to enter from following a deslot. :)

Sorry to add to that conversation, but I just couldn't resist.

Back to the sign ups. :)

Oh yeah... wish I were there. :)

· Gary Skipp
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IDs will be adhoc for this one so that shouldn’t be a problem.

The DHORC track is 112 feet Greg so it’s not huge huge, by doubling your six cars that’d be around the limit for a track like this I think, and definitely beyond the point of upgrading to four lanes. Considering that even on a four lane track, it’s often the case that only one or two lanes get regularly used so it doesn’t increase capacity much anyway. Save for giving marshals somewhere to put the cars without disturbing the racing lanes, which of course is beneficial.

Ultimately number caps are seldom about the track and more about the venue. In the photo above there were 18 people present and it was comfortable. I think 12 x 3 man teams would make it very uncomfortable, on the other hand. There is space to the top but that’ll be used for a pit space.

Good suggestion regarding some feed ins. It’d be less work then redesigning the whole track, so maybe we’ll do that first if the entries become sufficiently high. They may not do! We will have to see.

· Gary Skipp
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The GT86 (BRZ, you mean ;) )is a GT car so can be used in either GT4 Am or GT4 Pro depending on if it's stock or modified.
The Imprezza is allowed in Touring Car :)

The Maserati, unfortunately, having the architecture of a proper racing car would probably have too many advantages over the other "toy company" models we're allowing in this event. Those being a motor pod and front axel adjust as standard, and most likely a lighter, more flexible body even when taking into consideration features of other 3DP chassis in Pro. It would be ideal to allow it seeing as it's a proper GT4 car, but although you may wish to see a grid full of Maseratis, we don't really want that ;)

We are running a short test next month, if we change our minds we will post it here.

· ParrotGod
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Maurizio, if you release the Maserati Trofeo liveries then the grid is going be full of them. I think these cars were similar in specs as the GT4 version (or viceversa).

· Gary Skipp
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UPDATE: Scalextric BMW 330i is now eligible to be fitted with a lightweight interior for BOP reasons. For those who didn't know, the same is already true for the VW and MG. Touring Car regs have been updated to ver 2.1 on the DiSCA site to reflect this.
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