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While you can run oXigen cars on an analog track, you cannot use oXigen to control or count laps for analog cars.
Yes, you would need to chip the cars. oXigen lap counting is based on the CAR reading a magnet in the track at the S/F line.
Yes, you would need controllers. There is no other way to control oXigen chipped cars, or even if you rigged up a way to "chip the lane" to run analog cars, you would still need the controller to run that chipped lane.
You would not be able to use the oXigen software without the oXigen hardware, which includes the car chip and controller.
All of these things are true with any other system.
The only system I know of that lets you use an analog controller to control cars is the DaVic system, which provides a special interface for each car/lane, but even then you'd still need to chip the cars, AND use their system, which is exceptionally expensive.

In the end, unless you plan to go to digital 100%, you will still need analog control and timing in order to run analog cars.

A long time ago, much earlier in oXigen development, when they planned to make a special S/F line track piece, that would have been able to be an analog lap timer. That idea was dropped in favor of the magnet sending, which simplifies a lot of other things for oXigen functionality, not to mention greatly reducing cost. The result, however, is the elimination of the ability to count/time analog cars.
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