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I am trying to grasp the concept.

Would it be fair to say that one can build an alternative to ndigital using analog track and all digital pitlanes and lanechange sections?


1. One would not need the ndigital conversion set anymore and thus can save substantialy?
2. Can one run 4-6-8 lane oxygen? What is the maximum amount of lanes?
3. Does one plug in the controllers to the powerbase?
4. How does the wireless function then work?
5. Can one use the ninco digital control tower still?
6. List all stuff one needs to build a oxygen set using ninco track.

To start:

Ninco sells a powerbase that powers two lanes seperate. , 10401

One can use the special powerbases to power the lanes that have ample power for EACH lane:

What about the other langechanges, please state amount of chips it needs. and how it works and if any modification is needed to the trackpiece.

1. 10111

x lane change (I think this is a "passive" lane change, and can be used with analog, correct? Can one also still put this in digital and oxygen?)

2. 40207

Double lane change section

3. 40201

Two single lane change section

4. 40208

Curve lane change

5. 40203


I am just trying to comprehend how to build a system like oxygen using ninco track and while doing so make it informative for the rest of us.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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