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oXigen dongle driver installation

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Has anyone succeeded in installing the oXigen dongle driver onto a Virtual PC running on MacOS?

I have Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10 virtual machines running in VMWare on my MacPro and all the software works perfectly. However I have a problem with the oXigen USB dongle.

Normally, when a fresh USB device is plugged in to the physical computer, I get a dialog asking if I want to connect it to the Mac or one of the virtual PCs?

However the oXigen dongle doesn't do that.

When it is plugged in nothing happens. No lights come on, it doesn't appear on the desktop and the dialog above doesn't appear. In short it looks dead.

I did try plugging it into a real PC at club one night and nothing happened there either, so it may well be dead, but how does one tell?

It is a brand new device.

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Strange. Do you see any red light blinking on the dongle?
No, no lights at all.
I wanted to post that it should blink in any cases, but I also wanted to check that first. And then I forgot!

I'd expect the dongle to blink red regardless, so if it doesn't, I'd suggest there was a problem.
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Thanks Gary. No, no blinking red lights, even when plugged into a real PC.

I'm guessing that I've got a faulty unit and it will need to be returned.

Problem is, it was a gift, and I'll feel uncomfortable passing this problem back to the giver. Can you assist in any way,
No need to pass it back to the giver. Just ask where they got it. You probably won't even need a receipt or anything. Maybe date of purchase. Contact the seller and see what they'll do. It's often a lot easier for them and to go through the dealer or distributor. Failing that, I'm sure will be happy to help, but be sure to contact them directly via their web site contact information. It might be a while before a forum post is seen and responded to.
Yes, please send email to info @

Where are you from?
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