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"oXigen for dummies" question(s)

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Yes it's me, the confused slot car fanatic who has barely enough skill and knowledge to solder a SSD chip in a Scalextric car.

I have many questions but one question will do for now....
I previously understood that there would be no need to buy the "O2 lane change driver" for the straight Scalextric lane changer?

How much is the O2 lane change driver?
My track design has 8 straight lane changers and I'm worried about money and having to solder. (my budget is limited and I have many chips, controllers and a dongle to purchase)

Thank you for your time and patience Slot Car Enthusiasts

PS. I am not going to race in analogue by the way if that's relevant
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RE Lighting

If I purchase a light kit? (which one BTW) how does it get activated or switched on/off via the SPC ? (this is on o2 of course)
another question for you:

1) can SSD cars activate the O2 LC ? no right - but O2 cars can activate SSD LC's (this part i know from experience)
2) The O2 chip came with a 103 capacitor and a ferrite choke. I removed both elements on a chip as the whole thing just looked too bulky and in the past I have never found the need to run them even in SSD. However I noticed that when going full throttle the cars would stutter. Actually the more power I gave the car, the more it would stutter when I pressed the trigger.

What is this attributed to?
I solve the issue by adding a 104 Cap across the motor as pictures below (same idea as what comes with the O2 chip) I omitted the ferrite choke because I misplaced it.
I wonder if not having the Ferrite choke will cause any additional problems. The car accelerates very smoothly now.

please advice.
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QUOTE (RichG @ 9 May 2012, 17:45) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The ferrite bead & capacitor (low pass filter) are there fo good reason, to protect the electronics from inteference from the motor. Why would you not just use them? Highly recommended / verging on mandatory for SSD & oXigen.


Ok so what i was experiencing prior to putting the cap on (where the car was stuttering) was interference from the motor.
I really wish I had not misplaced the ferrite beads. I originally remove it all because of a thread where the ferrite bead and cap shorted out a chip. In SSD I never had a problem but then again consider that in SSD I was running faster then 20K motor Ninco NC5.
If you are using Ninco digital, then yes you will see a huge difference using O2.
Compare 32 throttle steps to 200+
I have not driven analog but I have had Ninco, then SSD, and now O2.

There is not fuel management with Oxigen, while the software does allow for race management functions and it even recognized a pit lane. If you wanted fuel (like SCX for instance for lack of better example) you will need to buy PCLAPCOUNTER which is a 3d party application which communicates with Oxigen. I have tried their demo version and its great. will not come up with fuel management on their software as communicated by Maurizio.

- My personal note:

I think that Ninco track and Oxigen are a great combination. This is what I have and I could now be happier. Best grip and implementation of digital !!

I hope this helps you.
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I really want to try the double curve... but they are expensive (well anything ninco is) but the track is good stuff though.
fuel is also based on throttle for O2.
The only thing that ndigital has that doesn't is the remote vibration alerts when you did a last lap and ran out of fuel. Other than that.... I don't miss it.
Ok one more thing, you don't have to drill the chassis... but you get a dead strip section on the track which I hated at first. D-digital doesn't have adjustable brakes either, another thing I found annoying.
^ well allows you decrease the "slam on the brakes" effect you have on N-Digital when you let go of the throttle.
So the cars car coast / roll a little more when you let go of the throttle, or not at all.
dont sell your kids.... keep your kids and enjoy then with Ninco in that case. Im sure you can sell something else....
Im sorry... I hope that when I have kids I am fortunate enough to have them share this hobby with me.
^ seriously, nothing compares to a tangible hobby.
^ lol I bet.
post some pics if you have a permanent track and you
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