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"oXigen for dummies" question(s)

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Yes it's me, the confused slot car fanatic who has barely enough skill and knowledge to solder a SSD chip in a Scalextric car.

I have many questions but one question will do for now....
I previously understood that there would be no need to buy the "O2 lane change driver" for the straight Scalextric lane changer?

How much is the O2 lane change driver?
My track design has 8 straight lane changers and I'm worried about money and having to solder. (my budget is limited and I have many chips, controllers and a dongle to purchase)

Thank you for your time and patience Slot Car Enthusiasts

PS. I am not going to race in analogue by the way if that's relevant
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As far as I know your original assumption, that oXigen will work with a standard SSD Lane Changer, is correct. What has happened to make you doubt this?

The ferrite bead & capacitor (low pass filter) are there fo good reason, to protect the electronics from inteference from the motor. Why would you not just use them? Highly recommended / verging on mandatory for SSD & oXigen.

The need for the supressor is not an exact science. With some motors & chips they will run fine without either fitted. In general the higher the motor RPM the greater the need, also for some chips such as the SSD F1 they are virtually always needed.

The ferrite bead & capacitor work in combination as a low pass filter. The capacitor offering a low impedance path to the interference (hence why it is connected across the motor) and the ferrite bead a high impedance path (hence why it is connected in series).

The capacitor is probably the most valuable of the two, if this is working for you then things will probably be fine as is, however I would always recommend fitting them as a pair, particularily when the manufaturer has gone to the trouble of providing them ready soldered to the motor leads.

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1 - 3 of 42 Posts
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