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"oXigen for dummies" question(s)

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Yes it's me, the confused slot car fanatic who has barely enough skill and knowledge to solder a SSD chip in a Scalextric car.

I have many questions but one question will do for now....
I previously understood that there would be no need to buy the "O2 lane change driver" for the straight Scalextric lane changer?

How much is the O2 lane change driver?
My track design has 8 straight lane changers and I'm worried about money and having to solder. (my budget is limited and I have many chips, controllers and a dongle to purchase)

Thank you for your time and patience Slot Car Enthusiasts

PS. I am not going to race in analogue by the way if that's relevant
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To have dynamic braking OFF, you must put the brake adjustment pot on 'Zero', and then use the round knob as a brake (100%)
Fuel strategy can be supported by external programs, as each car can have its speed and braking adjusted (see page 2 of the RMS). However, we have no plans to do it ourselves. We'll leave that to other software developers.
Note that in France, where the oXigen system is spreading quickly, which is interesting since France is where most clubs already are used to digital racing, there are at least two sw developers that are already writing sw for oXigen.
I don't know about UK availability - I need to check.
We are shipping out 2.0, but in any case, pleeease do not be afraid of upgrading. I think it's rather painless, and in any case, during the course of development, from time to time upgrades will appear, so it's a skill which is worth having.

Credit where it's due - I raced three Davic 24 hrs a few years ago, and the experience made me understand the potential of digital slot racing.
Switching the lights on/off: the car chip is compatible with the lights kit SP16. To turn lights on/off, release the trigger and press the circular 'brake' button.

1) yes, SSD cars can use O2 LCs if you put the LC in SSD compat mode (DIP switches 3 and 4 both 'ON'). This means SSD on Ninco and Carrera tracks can be done if you so wish.

2) Richard's advice is 100% correct
- no need to add anything here.
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1 - 5 of 42 Posts
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