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"oXigen for dummies" question(s)

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Yes it's me, the confused slot car fanatic who has barely enough skill and knowledge to solder a SSD chip in a Scalextric car.

I have many questions but one question will do for now....
I previously understood that there would be no need to buy the "O2 lane change driver" for the straight Scalextric lane changer?

How much is the O2 lane change driver?
My track design has 8 straight lane changers and I'm worried about money and having to solder. (my budget is limited and I have many chips, controllers and a dongle to purchase)

Thank you for your time and patience Slot Car Enthusiasts

PS. I am not going to race in analogue by the way if that's relevant
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1) yes, SSD cars can use O2 LCs if you put the LC in SSD compat mode (DIP switches 3 and 4 both 'ON'). This means SSD on Ninco and Carrera tracks can be done if you so wish.

2) Richard's advice is 100% correct
- no need to add anything here.
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G'day Everyone.

I hope it's O.K. for me to post my stupid questions here. I have two.

1. Throttle control using the controllers that came with my digital master set is about as good as an on/off switch. With Slot-it SCP01 controllers (I have two already) it's much better but still not as good as analogue. Would abandoning all Ninco electronics and converting everything to Slot-it 02 electronics fix this?

2. My other big issue with N Digital is poor implementation of fuel usage(time based and not related to throttle use). How does 02 record fuel usage?

Kind regards,

If you are using Ninco digital, then yes you will see a huge difference using O2.
Compare 32 throttle steps to 200+
I have not driven analog but I have had Ninco, then SSD, and now O2.

There is not fuel management with Oxigen, while the software does allow for race management functions and it even recognized a pit lane. If you wanted fuel (like SCX for instance for lack of better example) you will need to buy PCLAPCOUNTER which is a 3d party application which communicates with Oxigen. I have tried their demo version and its great. will not come up with fuel management on their software as communicated by Maurizio.

- My personal note:

I think that Ninco track and Oxigen are a great combination. This is what I have and I could now be happier. Best grip and implementation of digital !!

I hope this helps you.
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Thank you.

That's exactly what I wanted to hear. After spending a great deal of money on N digital and being bitterly disappointed (I went through all the stages eg. anger-denial-self loathing, etc) it was the Slot-it controllers that kept me from giving up.

I'm a perfect candidate for 02. I have 27 plus meters of Ninco track with seven lane change sections. Two are lefts, two are rights, two are double lane change straights and a double curve. Add Sixteen cars in the fleet so far for chipping and 02 sales for Slot-it are looking pretty good already.

I think I'd already decided that 02 was the right direction for me but wanted to hear it from someone who actually knows.

Thanks again.

I really want to try the double curve... but they are expensive (well anything ninco is) but the track is good stuff though.
32 steps? More like 14, and that's just what the base will recognize. The stock throttle only has 11, and the throttle profiles only use 7 or 9 of them (see Dave Chang's book). Even the Progressive controller uses 11 steps, but has a variable resistor for one of them. Using a controller gave you the full 14 steps, but that's still a far cry from analog. So yes.. oXigen will be a marked improvement over N-Digital.

PC Lap Counter has fuel based on throttle usage. At least, that's how it does it for other digital, so I'm guessing it does it also for oXigen. It's adjustable, but essentially the more throttle you use, the more fuel you use. A careful driver is likely to use less fuel for a comparable lap time (or better) than a reckless one that pins the throttle as much as possible.

I haven't read the whole Ninco section of Dave's book, and Cesar can back me up or point out my error, but I don't know of anything that N-Digital does that oXigen doesn't do better.
I like the curve but it's not perfect.

Firstly, it's those wretched red decals. no good for grip. Next of course is the dead strip.

In practice it makes "dropping in" easier than "dropping out". Also, going too slow is as bad as going too fast.

Placing it properly on the track to help control entry and exit speed helps. The ability to drive through the corner under control will help even more.

I can't wait.


P.S. Since it's reversible, it'll have to be chipped twice (am I right?) making it even more expensive.
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fuel is also based on throttle for O2.
The only thing that ndigital has that doesn't is the remote vibration alerts when you did a last lap and ran out of fuel. Other than that.... I don't miss it.
Ok one more thing, you don't have to drill the chassis... but you get a dead strip section on the track which I hated at first. D-digital doesn't have adjustable brakes either, another thing I found annoying.
I'll admit to being more than a little confused about adjustable brakes.

For example, since the cars don't seem to coast (even without magnets), how much effect does adjustable brakes have anyway?

You can tell I'm a newbie can't you?

^ well allows you decrease the "slam on the brakes" effect you have on N-Digital when you let go of the throttle.
So the cars car coast / roll a little more when you let go of the throttle, or not at all.
I know full well that "Slam on the brakes effect".

Thanks guys. It's time to sell the children for medical experiments.

dont sell your kids.... keep your kids and enjoy then with Ninco in that case. Im sure you can sell something else....
Yeah, if you sell your kids, who'll support you in your retirement? ;-)

And yes, if your track is bi-directional, you'll need to put lane change electronics into the lane changers that go the other way. Simply put, if you want a lane changer to work for O2, regardless of it's directionality, you'll need to install O2 lane change electronics into it.
Sadly, the kids don't seem to be into slot cars like me. They prefer their game consoles.

Nope. I've decided. It's medical experiments for the lot of them.
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Im sorry... I hope that when I have kids I am fortunate enough to have them share this hobby with me.
Once they've used oXigen the games console will be on eBay
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^ seriously, nothing compares to a tangible hobby.
Pro - i know where you come from but try to convince a 5 year old that ipads are boring. That said my boy likes to show off te track to his friends. And I dont lie when it catches more interest from my sons friends fathers than my sons friend.
^ lol I bet.
post some pics if you have a permanent track and you
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