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At the moment I am ordering my white kit and upgrade items.
any tips on the tuning part?
Judging by the photos, one uses behind slotingplus rims:
which are recommended? 16.9 mm or 17.5 mm.
the rear axle: hollow?
bearings :Ball bearing ?/and do you place it a little higher in the bracket?
Guide blade, which one is preferable?
what type of springs are used?

hopefully a few tips that you normally use
greetings Henri

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I'm no setup expert. I used what I had for the suitcase...

For the guide I used a SRC RM0705 I removed the spring and cut the stem.

Carbon front axle and 15'8 rim with thin Zero Grip tire.

Rear wheel Urano 16.9 X 10 solid axle

Black motor support NSR1257 (I think it is required).

blue chassis.

Plastic pinion 13 teeth 7.5 in diameter.

Crown Slotingplus 29 teeth.

Lexan NSR1514.

rubber spoiler

I don't remember what springs I put in the suspension.

Here I have a photo

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