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I started racing last summer when my kid got a scaley set for his birthday. It pretty quickly grew to be the full scaley, 7042, pit pro thing in the hands of his father
. Then in the spring this year when I was researching wireless controllers and incar pro chips I stumbled on oxigen. Even though there are/were several wireless options I changed the whole thing to oxigen / ninco for these reasons:

controllers which are neat and you really get used to changing the breakes / acceleration. Setting childmode directly on the controller is another big plus
cars which are much nicer than scaley (i dont have other brands than these two)
Flexibility in the system (no fixed start/finish, no clunky 7042, no scaley power supplies, no wires between computer and track)
The option of just racing like analog without any computer (as profocg i use this alot)
Selective lanechanging (although thats for ninco / carrera only so far)
Support (i would like to have a system from one company which guarantees functionality)

For me it the conclusion is clear, its more expensive but it is worth it. And as i race casual (but with money on table) with my friends I can witness that it has quite a lot of wow effect.

The drawbacks are:
The firmware upgrade procedure has caused me some pain. It has been improved a lot but especially the cars can be tricky i think.
In my opinion it would be nice to be able to change the chip easier however this clashes with the club mode the system was designed for. I am a casual racer and I think the system is a little too much designed for clubs. More emphasis could be done on developing new game modes (not that this is a real drawback because scalextric is worse imho).
Availability - not many shops have alot in stock. So if you need alot it needs to be send from italy.
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