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Hy guys

looking forward to some help concerning the oygen-chip in a hrs2-chassis
we want to start in the lemans24h-race next spring in henley-in-arden and in the moment i have no idea how to place the chip in this chassis

hoping for some heplful answers


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the current chip has been designed mostly to be used with's GT and Gr.C.
However, if you want to try fitting it on the HRS chassis, consider that the shape, and LED position, is exactly like the SP12 digital SSD chip.

While we wait for the delivery of parts (by the way, we were promised by the Chinese factory that they would send us the first production test batch tomorrow, that we'll check soo so that they enter full production), you may try putting an SP12 on the HRS2

The new design, whose PCBs we'll receive soon, is truly universal. I will post pictures once we get the samples.

1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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