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Hi Guys
Now am pulling my hair out here
I used pace cars before and all ok
but now I have done the upgrade I cant make them work
so is there a different set up ?
cheers ade.

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If you are using the powerbase alone:

Press down to menus
Press left/right to accsess car menu
Press down
Press left/right to access pacer

And now your in the pace car menus!
Take a look at ScalextricDigital on youtube, he has very detailed tutorials about it which helped me out alot!

If your using SSDC:
Load drivers and Cars
Set target laptimes
set as a single throttle pace car
Restart free practise
Click run free pace cars in practise

Hope This Helped!

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Ade,i am about to start trying to setup pace cars today now i have my track taped up. Will let you know how i get on with them.
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