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Paint expert required.

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Hi all. I have been trying to get a colour mixed for the past XXXX time. Getting nowhere slow.

The colour can be seen HERE. Just click on the colour chart to enlarge.

I do not want the next best thing, tried that and it just does not work
So, anybody got any ideas on where I might find it? OH, I have tried 'ALL' the local car paint shops. Even Halfords. Within the UK.
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Had a quick Google and find this site..... Paint
There's a bit that says "Can't find the colour I'm looking for" and I typed in the paint code you're after and they appear to be able to supply it. Not cheap at £14 a tin but if you really want it..

Hope this helps.
YES, I have looked at that site before. Doing what they ask. I get a different colour than the one I'm after. £14 is cheap, it's only £4 more than my main paint shop here in Southampton. But add the VAT, Postage???? If they can do it. Done. Thanks.
If you have the colour code, which you do, you should be able to get the paint made by a local paint store in a spray can. Not a cheap way of doing it, but sometimes it's the only way. The last time I did it it cost me A$25 for a standard spray pack of Holden Lakeside Green duco. The shop filled spray cans don't have a good fine spray, so you may need to consider decanting and using an airbrush.

If you can actually get the colour formula (from the paint shop) you should be able to use that as directions for a 'mad scientist' session with fairly basic colours and mix your own.
Hi Ember, Yes, you would think that was the case. Done this a few time for colour I wanted to be just right. Sadly, in this case. Non of them can come up with the goods.
Thanks Ember
If it's absolutely perfect colour matching that you are after I would suggest either Pantone or Dupont are your starting points. I have found them very helpful in the past, try and and work backwards. They are used to making mockups and the like, prices may be quite prohibitive but hey it may get you somewhere. Hope I didn't miss anything this time
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I thought Lime Light was still available here in touch up cans. I could be wrong.

Pantone might be helpful, but their matching system is really designed for the printing industry.

Due to the colour intensity, it's not going to be an easy match if your paintshop won't help with the mix.
I guess that depends on where here is but you are probably right.

If memory serves Pantone brought out some wierd air brush of their own a while back that you attached to those long slim felt tips, I tried it on a few plastic kits, the results were err interesting. I did however key on a matt white undercoat, it was a while ago. Which brings me onto another thought about playing with the undercoat to attain a better result. Like I said, all just a starting point Pantone although print oriented are very accurate with their colour matching, going on the unexpected methods yield unexpected results tack, Saviour did after all say he was getting nowhere slow.

I was thinking more (outside the tin than the box) like some advise first from these companies. Custom car paint shops in the US seem to be able to recreate almost any colour accurately and do seem a little more skilled than Halfords or the like maybe pick their brains via a quick email - if you don't ask..........
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"Here" is Australia (it says so under the name). A lot of the old brights are still available because of the collector market for 70s cars. If we can still get is, surely it should be available elsewhere in the world.

A clear based lime green could be built up in thin coats over a lemon yellow (cadmium yellow light, maybe) base. Were I to attempt it I'd probably mix Tamiya Clear Yellow and Clear Green and use it over a flat lemon base applied over a white primer.

If you can get Ford 'Lime Glaze' it should give you a reasonable starting point. There wasn't a great deal of difference between the two colours.
I thought rustyspring's idea was a good Dupont and get their paint code for that year and car. That's what a restoration shop would all likelihood you'll be using the actual original paint itself, not just a color match. It may be available in a touch up spray can...but if not (and if you don't like airbrushes) you can buy a "fill it yourself" aerosal at any body shop or online which will allow you to spray the lime from Dupont if they only have it in quarts.

I have just contacted Dupont. We will see what they come back with.
Thanks guys.
I'll keep you updated.
That's what I don't get. The DuPont codes are on that chart. The local paint folks should be able to look up the tint formulation from that code and produce you, not a colour matched can, but a can of correctly tinted touch up paint.

You should never have had to put up with 'colour matched' paint. Right from your first visit to a genuine paint store, as distinct to a hardware store that happens to sell paint, you should have had the correct colour formulation.

And the answer is......(Drun Roll here please)

In the ici system it is called limelight. I am afraid that we are not able to make this colour as it has a discontinued basic in it. If you can find someone that mixed ICI paint then they should be able to make it for you from the code FJ5.


On to ICI
Ember - Just clarifying - I'm a pedantic pom after all

Saviour - Did a little browsing in my sleep last night don't know if you've tried (think they have a branch in Portsmouth) and they have an online order phone number. Suggest trying to get some samples out of them for checking, if you don't get anywhere give em to me I "melt brains" for fun

Good luck - Rusty
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Thanks Rusty, just sent them both an email. I may take you up on your offer.
Had to pop into Halfords to pick up some AF. So I asked them. Although ver helpfull. They only go back to the year 200o for Dodge paint. So no BG.
Testor has Sublime in their spray lacquer and bottled enamel selections.


You sir are a blodly marvel. WOW Fing WOW.
I'll be onto them in the morning.
Cheers, IOY a beer.
Glad you found your paint...just curious, the response saying your color relied on a discontinued basic seems to have come from not Dupont. Am I correct about that? I mean...I'm sure that Paints4U represented themselves as being right on top of things...but that hasn't been my experience. Anyway, dealing with a similar situation with motorcycle paint just now...and curious about who said what.

Yes that email is from Paints4U. Had nothing back from Dupont.
Yes found the paint, now to see if they ship to the UK
Thing is, sold in oz, How much paint is 3oz? And how many oz to give 2 to 3 coats of paint on a 32 car
3oz = 0.0887205886875L = 88.7205 ml. Your avg. rattle can is 300Ml. so 6oz should do it.
I think I have answered the question myself. 09.37am, and my brain seems to be in GWO for onec.

I knew things where going to well. QUOTE If your country is not listed, we cannot accept your order at this time. And you have guessed it. The only country listed is......the USA.
OK, anybody over the pond willing to help me out here. I'll send you the money inc. P&P via PP personnel, gift. You buy the paint and send on to me. PM me if you like.
Just took on a new car repair shop as a customer, quizzed them about your problem - they have their own mix booth and do touch up paint from a little over Humbrol sized pots upwards for £3.00 + delivery. Showed him the thread and colour chart and he started going on about variance, warm, hot, cold etc.. Does not seem unhappy about doing some form of testers, so amenable to say the least. No web page so PM me for details. Rusty
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