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Paint expert required.

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Hi all. I have been trying to get a colour mixed for the past XXXX time. Getting nowhere slow.

The colour can be seen HERE. Just click on the colour chart to enlarge.

I do not want the next best thing, tried that and it just does not work
So, anybody got any ideas on where I might find it? OH, I have tried 'ALL' the local car paint shops. Even Halfords. Within the UK.
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I know it's not the same, but is this any good?
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Paint colour
Hi Rob, Errrrrr, NO.


Green, Blue, well, Silver/Blue
Thanks mate, but I'll pass on that colur GT40. Not the same.
But I do like you GT40, Nice colour
Hi Saviour,
I can get the Testor Sublime in the spray can from my local hobby shop. Would that do? If so PM me with your mailing address and I'll pop it in the post the middle of next week.

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You may have issues shipping aerosol cans.
Sorry. This role of being the voice of gloom and doom doesn't exactly sit well with me. I rather hope it's more the voice of reason. (Sigh)
Not to worry....shipping aerosols is indeed illegal according to Canada Post...BUT...there are a few online vendors that will ship the bottles of enamel to the UK. I'll send you a PM with a link!

OK, point takne. thanks for the link Bob.
Air mail I would expect this. What about by sea. Shipping?

Ember, no problems love.
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