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Hi there all..

Stuart.. Here is a simple method I use if need paint wheels that are still attached to the chassis. or might help you all with other painting uses.

Please reference the photos..

I use a piece of A4 paper, cut two slits in the paper the same width as between the axles (wheelbase) .Cut up about halfway, and then if needed, widen out the top section of the cut to take the bearing dia.
Seal the cuts with masking tape (as per the photos). You are now ready for painting and saves a lot of overspray.

I use an Airbrush, although you could use a spraycan, either method, just do not put to much paint on at once, just light coats to build up the colour.

As you can see, going from Red wire wheels to Silver wire wheels is very easy

I hope this technique/tip helps..

All the best.. Martin De'Ath.

By the way.... "Ember" the paintwork on the green car looks excellent, great job.

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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