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Yes ive made alot of these for wargaming scenery...

Things to use..

Florist wire (get these from craft shops)
tissue paper such as toilet paper or kitchen roll (this makes the trunks have that 'hairy' effect that palm trees have)
PVA glue
thin card

Quick tutorial...

Take a few florist wires (depending on the thickness of the tree you want) the florist wire is twisted round each other leaving branches and roots at each end.
The branches are bent over
then the trunks are covered in PVA and have the tissue paper wrapped round them to desired thickness
cut out palm leaves and stick to branches making sure they curve down
paint the palm tree..

theyre really easy to make.. you can even use 'green 'stuff' rolled into balls and painted to make coconuts

Use different shades of brown and greens for variety
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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