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Looking good David! Its been a while since you've updated here... Ahh and I see Brad has chimed in as well. Two of the finer scenic developers in the house!

You know I am thinking (typing) out loud here... A couple of years ago on a trip to Washington state, from my home in Michigan I contacted Brad about a drive through (pun intended) visit to his place to see his circuit in person. What a treat it was. Brad and his family hosted us for some dinner and race track ooogling. It was a great time for sure. So trying to shorten it up here, My wife and I are flying to Utah late July, early August for a week and then driving to Washington state from there. I am wondering if a physical trip to Palmer Divide might be in order if you are around and our schedules permit. I'd really love to see it in person! It'd be like checking off a slot cars seven wonders of the world landmark.

Anyway the track is looking marvelous, as I'd expect!

1 - 1 of 46 Posts
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