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parkside raceway

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ok found the other camera. it takes ok pics so here there are"][/url]

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That makes me want to come down.
If you ever get a weekend off and want to host a big race, I bet a few of us will come down. You can probably also get some NASTE people to come over. KidVoltage is into digital, and would probably come play.

Great pics, by the way. Thanks a bunch for sharing.
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thanks have a 42" t v with vga port. power supply went out in it trying get new supply for it. that little one I have in pics make pit stops hard to see what one is doing track is 75feet with two lane pit
Yeah, it looks great!

A big TV definitely helps. I think the one I stole from my living room (which we never used anyway) is 32" or so. Not huge, but not small. Good enough to see the important stuff.
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few more pics
pit in

my 1st try at making pit building

2nd try still need to add roll up doors and lights along with equipment

looking north

thinking of putting a pond here r3s into r4 with quick r2 and lc out

track is all flat except for the bank r3 at the end of the main straight. thinking about adding some to the back from the hair pin turn around to the front straight.
and its ran with rsc64
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Nice track, the infield looks very interesting. I would like to see more of your pitlane: from one of the pic it seems that you are using a the swipe straight piece.
Do you have a picture of the layout in Track Power or any other track design software?

In one of your post in the RCS64 forum (reply #21 in the bug report topic), you mentioned that you do not have a sensor set up yet for sector timing...are you planning to set one up? I would be interested in what you are going to use.

smart sensors are on the wish list after the holidays. the side swap piece was cut down the middle and turn 180 and then another full straight cut down the middle and glued to gather and to back fill the gaps with plastic filler and sanded and painted. used rock texture paint. was a real pain to do.lots of cutting and grinding to get every thing lined up. if I had to it over again I think I would pass. so here ar few pics of the pit lane

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Cool track. Good to see someone else on the forum from Vancouver.
thanks its a work in progress. not happy with my front of my table. it was pieced to gather with scrap looks like a hack job. because it was
need to remove the power base from the track and build and nice base board and front along with some nicer holders. those work but you have to make sure you have the control seated before you walk off. if not boom they hit the hard cement floor
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Maybe I missed it, but why the drive through in the pits? penalty? Looks cool though.
Track runs race control program. rsc64. have refuels, tire changes and damaged repair during racing
GREAT TRACK ! Like it very much, nice job. Pitlane looks great, and suited for the purpose
Nice selection of cars too.
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So how can you do refueling if you don;t have the sensors? I seem to remember something about that but can't recall the specifics. Mr F. and I will come down to race with you, just let us know when you have the time.

Don't need the sensors to refuel. you can really stop any were on the track and do a pit stop. but of course you will get ran into and cause a big pile up so all cars have to pull into the pit lane and do there thing. with the sensors or pit pro set up only way you can get to the pit screen is to pass over the sensors. they are on my list to get after the holidays are over.
As Docdoom said, no sensors are needed, but without them, a car can stop and refuel anywhere on the track. Carlos, you may remember Dave taking advantage of this before/after track calls at Mike's track a while ago, when his sensors weren't working.

Having sensors is great, and certainly recommended for an avid racer or group. They're not required, though, and for those new to the hobby, just getting an APB and cable is more than enough to get into and hooked on the simulation aspects of digital racing. The sensors can always be added later.
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The SS is a perfect addition to RCS64 and brings the pit lane strategy to another level. You have a nice pit lane with plenty of space to put the sensors in.
When Greg and Carlos visit you for racing please take some videos to share with the rest of us!
Looks great!
I really need to get down there soon.

Are you going to be able to go to Monte's Rib's and Racing this year? Maybe I can pick you up on the way, and play on your track a little, then drop you off on my way home and play a little more.

QUOTE (docdoom @ 21 May 2015, 20:30) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>done a little work on the track

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Hi Docdoom
do you have an image of your track layout done with a program like TrackPower (or any other track designer tools)?
Sorry those programs hurt my head when I tryed to use them. I have the free version of ultimate racer but it has a limit on the number of track you can use. I try track power and see how that goes.
what day is the Monte's Rib's and Racing might be able to get it off.
split the power base and installed a 2nd lap counting sensors in the pits. built the shelf and been working on landscaping.little at a time. it's good stress release after a bad day at work was going to have 42" tv set up but the kid took it to good will by mistake.
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