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Parma Controllers

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Hi Everyone,

I'm currently using a Parma Economy 25 ohm controller for racing magnet cars at our club on Ninco track.

Is it worth me upgrading to a Parma Plus controller?


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Use what you have for now if it works and save your money for something a bit more advanced, like a Slot It, Professor Motor, TrueSpeed, Difalco or other electronic controller.

I bought several different controllers to try out, including a couple of pairs of various Parmas, and eventually bought a pair of PM controllers. These work fine for all of my cars, at various voltages, with motors ranging from stock homeset stuff (Scaley) to Parma 16Ds. The combination of an adjustable power supply and good controllers have so far been the best money I've spent on this hobby.

1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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