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Parma Controllers

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Hi Everyone,

I'm currently using a Parma Economy 25 ohm controller for racing magnet cars at our club on Ninco track.

Is it worth me upgrading to a Parma Plus controller?


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Once you actually use an electronic controller, you won't go back to a standard one, and you will empty your wallet. Willingly.

But the Parma Plus is much better than the standard Parma Economy controller. The price of the Plus is double that of the Eco. You get an internal metal frame and heat sink, the wiring is heavier gauge, the trigger is far better, and the resistor is higher quality (but can be further improved by applying epoxy to the resistor and smoothing out the contact area where the wiper goes). It goes out of adjustment far less frequently than the Eco model.

If you decide to get one, there are other tweaks you can do, covered by many old postings on Euro and US forums. Most involve re-routing wires, adjusting the trigger, and modifying the resistor. For example:;postcount=36

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1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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