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Parma Controllers

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Hi Everyone,

I'm currently using a Parma Economy 25 ohm controller for racing magnet cars at our club on Ninco track.

Is it worth me upgrading to a Parma Plus controller?


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What is the difference between this two controllers? I mean Parma economy and Parma Plus??
Apart from the economy being about half the price....
The Plus has a better resistor - see post #2

The Plus has a different frame (apparently that makes the trigger smoother), separate brake and power contacts (which should improve brakes and full power) and heavier duty wiring (which should improve brakes and full power). The improvement in brakes and full power might not be noticeable with lower powered cars.
QUOTE (Screwneck @ 29 Dec 2011, 18:27) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The Parma Plus has a huge metal heatsink that sticks out the top of the controller. This allows you to push the use of the controller through a slightly wider variable margin of motor and magnet set ups without it getting hot.

Alternatively, you could see it as a pointless addition if your controller ohm rating is fine for your racing and cars.
Agreed the extra metal will help get rid of some more heat.
Controllers with the right ohm rating can still get hot.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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