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i have a question which do u guys like better buying your $40 parma and racing commercialy at your local hobby shop or buying Scx cars and building a track at home i actually like both but doing both can cost some $$$?

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Hi JcRacer43

Can I suggest that you try the local club first.

The likely scenario is that they can lend you a controller and cars for the first few times you go.

See what it's like, see if you enjoy it and then start buying some cars and controllers.

The home circuit can always follow on and the advise and knowledge you will learn from racing with other enthusiasts will make you home circuit a whole lot better in the long run. Chances are it will save you money too, most club members i know have stacks of unwantged spare track sitting at home! - always worth asking - perhaps not on your first night!

Good luck and have fun!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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