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a) The Shapeways chassis are available here:

Policar parts numbers necessary to complete the gearbox:
PC-H03 - motor mount
PC-PPA01 - set of bushings
PC-PGS8018/17/16 - rear axle with gear. note choose either of the 18/17/16 denotes which gear you prefer. standard cars come with the 17 tooth version.
PC-PGI2516-PL - crown gear and spacers
PC-PPI429015 - pinion
PC-H04 - motor mount screws - The gearbox has a unique screw fixing so you will need these whatever motor you wish to use (see also below).

c) Policar parts numbers I suggest but that might be interchangeable:
PC-PMX01 - motor. Note that the Policar gearbox has a single central top screw fixing position and so if you don't use this motor make sure yours has this hole! Also potential club rules might legislate for a single motor formula in due course.
PC-PPA02 - rear axle stopper - you may choose to use other types but be careful with sizes and what will fit.
PC-H05 - gearbox to chassis fixing screws - these are the correct size but other (and potentially other) types will also fit.

d) Other parts to complete the build:
Rear wheels and tyres
I have used Ostorero Lotus 79 wheels and tyres as I have them and because they are round and grippy.
The RS Scalextric replacement aluminium hubs available through pendles are a good option as the hub in this case does not get in the way or look too bad. Tyres to fit are probably available from various producers.
If someone wants to make suggestions please help.
The design parameters are that they should be about 21mm dia. and 14-16mm wide. to match the ones on the model.

e) Front wheels and tyres:
I have used the original tyres for the cars as they are quite hard (good for low grip) and of a unique size for the car. I have struggled to find suitable aluminium grub screw fixing replacements so if anyone has any or knows of any please help!
Wheel size is 9.5mm wide, 10.7mm dia. of wheel and 12.4mm dia. of central raised section. Central raised section 5mm wide in centreline of wheel.
In an ideal world I would take the wheels that come with the car and cut them down to make them into inserts into aluminium wheels.
Actually I found that original 1970's F1 Scalextric front wheels are the right diameter and width and many of you will have them laying about!
The only rub is that the central 'seating band' is too thin so ultimately they will need to be glued on and potentially trued.
They need to be silver but the ones on my build are black currently.

f) Front axle
Any normal axle should work.

g) Guide etc.
The Policar range is designed to use the CH85 screw in pick up. Others may fit to your choice.
Braids (thin as possible suggested).
Eyelets or grub screws to your choice.

h) Assembly instructions for the gearbox can be found here:

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