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Paruna raceset from France

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Heres a electric raceset made by Paruna scientific toys. Some say the set was made before ww2, some around 1947. There seems to be only around 4 sets known to exist. The car is diecast & slotless with 2 brushes in front to make electrical contact. The track is handmade of wood,either brass or copper,& a circuit type board. I dont think very many of these sets were ever made. The track made an oval with 1 side raised so you could add another set & have 2 cars racing.


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Wonderful (again), Bernard.
A Google search for Paruna voiture (car) brings up at least one example of the set, describing the track as made of bakelite and laiton (brass), and showing a red car in good condition. As Tony said, it seems to be a 1938 Alfa 308.
It doesn't say when the sets were made, but the panzers didn't roll into France until 1940, so that may give a little more time for them to be designed and produced. I don't know when production of toys would have stopped.
The example I looked at was at the top of the search list. There may be other material further down and there would be other words to search on, but I shouldn't be spending time on this today and I'll leave it to someone more fluent in French (guess who).
Rob J

Later: Couldn't resist having another look down that search thread, but found nothing more. Probably needs a search on other words.
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Well, many of the postwar grand prix cars, up to 1951, were prewar designs -- the Alfa 158s, Talbot-Lagos and Maseratis (though those did evolve) -- so the 308 model wouldn't have looked badly out-of-date in the early 1950s. A great shape by any standards. Looks as though at least Paruna's production and sales were postwar.
I sympathise on the Schucos, Philippe. They were very desirable.
Rob J
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